SharePoint – It’s all about Freedom

In a recent article,
It’s Not About Apple vs. Microsoft, Or Apple vs. Google.
It’s About Freedom
David Johnson. Senior Analyst
at Forrester Research, wrote about the unrealistic restraints that
end users find are being imposed by IT systems and policy. The
article begins with a fantastic quote that resonated here at Metalogix, “We are
learning once again that what people want most is to be free.”

Microsoft SharePoint has matured into a platform that many
organizations are using as the basis of their content consolidation
and Metalogix
has been bringing the same freedom message to the SharePoint
community. Whether the catalyst is economics or management, more
and more businesses are making the decision to rethink their
overall IT architecture and SharePoint is rising as the centrepiece
of the new infrastructure reality. At Metalogix, we’ve
expressed this through our message to free your
SharePoint content

SharePoint – It’s all about Freedom Graphic

SharePoint – It’s all about Freedom

You have a choice to maximize the full potential of SharePoint.
To make it your sole enterprise content management solution. You
have a choice to set your content free so the entire organization
can embrace growth and unleash productivity. The recent Metalogix freedom
white paper
covered four main aspects of setting
your SharePoint content free.

Embrace Growth
Interestingly, 95% of digital content is unstructured
data (i.e., it does not have a pre-defined data model and/or it
does not fit well into relational databases but it can be embraced
in SharePoint with a sensible underlying storage architecture). Metalogix StoragePoint, the
first BLOB offloading solution for SharePoint, is leading the
charge towards SharePoint storage optimization.

Consolidate and Optimize Siloed Content

To evolve into the ECM of the future and be truly effective,
SharePoint should include as much data as possible from all parts
of your organization. It’s time to reconsider the future for file
share and legacy ECM content within your organization. Metalogix
Migration Manager for SharePoint
frees you to
consolidate content from numerous systems including file
, Exchange
public folders
and older versions of
SharePoint-on-premises or SharePoint in the

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Upgrade Your SharePoint Information

Consolidating or upgrading to SharePoint 2010 presents an ideal
opportunity to reorganize your SharePoint implementation and ensure
that your information architecture is future-ready. (Read about the
Migration Manager for SharePoint management features in the
management benefits datasheet

Consider SharePoint in the Cloud

With the release of Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint 2010 is now
available in the cloud and SharePoint Online is poised to go
mainstream. (The 
Migration Manager for SharePoint – Office 365 and Cloud
Environments Data Sheet
discusses the benefits of
using Migration Manager for SharePoint in cloud, or hybrid cloud

Download our
freedom white paper
to read more about the four
keys ways to set your SharePoint content free. As Johnson wrote in
his freedom article, don’t focus on the negative side of
controlling SharePoint, “Think instead about how you will make it
easier for people to adopt.”

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