Speaker Spotlight: Eric Berg

Speaker Spotlight is your chance to get to know the ESPC22 Speakers! Find out what projects they are most proud of, advice, tips, their favourite films and more!

Introducing Eric Berg

Eric Berg is a Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Azure and for Cloud and Datacenter Management. He works as Vice President Consulting Expert at CGI and is the Global Alliance Manager for Microsoft. His main areas are: Microsoft Azure, Cloud Governance, Automation, Hybrid Infrastructure, Windows Server and Management Solutions. Eric is an active member of the Microsoft community.

Please recommend one ESPC22 Session (you can’t pick your own 😊 )

Always can recommend sessions of Aleksandar as you get deep knowledge paired with an excellent explanation skill. So visit: Managing Hybrid Servers with Azure Arc and Automanage – European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference, 2022 (sharepointeurope.com)

Can you briefly discuss a project you are most proud of?

Wow … good question. If it can be any kind if project … I would say the one that I am most proud of is my family :-). But talking about IT, it would be a huge migration I did some years back where we converted an entire XenServer based Datacenter into a Microsoft Private Cloud based environment. We went through hell with System Center, Hyper-V and Citrix … but in the end it was up and running. To continue even in the toughest situations is challenging … but is you succeed that is the best feeling.

What is your favorite film?

I don’t have one … as I normally do not remember movies that long. They entertain me and that’s it. So, I also do not watch movies twice. BUT, there are some I watched multiple times, so I would consider them my favorite ones. So here we go: Matrix and Harry Potter 🙂

What is the best career or life advice you have received to date?

The best advice I have received from my uncle years ago … even before I managed my first Windows Server. He said “always try to make yourself indispensable in the company”. I had this in mind all the time … for me it translated into “don’t do what everybody else is doing … find the gap and close it.”. So, while everybody worked on VMware I worked with Hyper-V … the projects came, and I was prepared. While everybody was looking into Virtualization I was working on System Center Management. While everybody was discussing if Cloud will be a thing I did Azure. So here we are today … I think I made the right choices.

Have you any tips on receiving an MVP status?

The best tip to achieve an MVP Award is not to try to achieve an MVP Award. If you are only blogging because you are aiming for an Award, if you are only helping in forums to be recognized, … you do not have the right motivation. Others will see that and as soon as you achieved your goal you will feel lost.
I started blogging because one day at work (while Googling for a solution) I thought: “Hey, if nobody writes it down … I have nothing to google for!”. So, I started to write down my own experiences, solutions, ideas, comments, etc. In the beginning it was hard … nobody read my blog, no comments, and no feedback. But then, I received a mail from Japan … someone found a solution for a problem, they were chasing for two years, on my blog. It felt sooo good … that I never stopped again. At this point I didn’t even know that the MVP exists.

Over time I changed mediums, moved over to public speaking, podcasting, webcasting, online courses, etc. … but still doing it to see other people finding solutions or understanding things.

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