Speaker Spotlight: Sander Berkouwer

Speaker Spotlight is your chance to get to know the ESPC22 Speakers! Find out what projects they are most proud of, advice, tips, their favourite films and more!

Introducing Sander Berkouwer, MVP, MCT

Sander Berkouwer is a Dutch IT Professional. He works as CTO at SCCT in the Netherlands, where he helps colleagues and customers make the most out of Microsoft products, strategies and technologies. Sander blogs on DirTeam.com.

He regularly gets invited as speaker for his enthusiastic approach, his in-depth real-world knowledge and of course as the author of the much-appraised Active Directory Cookbook.

Please recommend one ESPC22 Session (you can’t pick your own 😊 )

Getting Started with Microsoft Graph and PowerShell 

Can you briefly discuss a project you are most proud of?

Hard choices in information security always start as easy choices. It was my pleasure and honor to guide the second biggest city in my home country in embracing Identity and Access Management (IAM) in terms of knowledge, setting up a new department, laying out the processes and implementing the technology.

What is your favourite film?

Ever since I saw Jurassic Park in movie theaters, the movie became one of my all-time favourites.

Recently, when discussing Purview Insider Risk Management, the movie proves timeless as an example of what damage a rogue admin can cause.

What is the best career or life advice you have received to date?

Especially in this age of rapid advancements in technology, don’t expect from yourself to be able to keep up with all of it. Pick a specialization or choose a niche and excel in that. Work together with other people to fill in the rest.

Have you any tips on receiving a MVP status?

Give without expecting in return.

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