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Customer & challenge

KOB – part of the HARTMANN GROUP – is successful on the world market with its two business units, Medical and BRAWO® SYSTEMS. With around 1,250 employees, KOB has a worldwide presence with two production plants and five sales locations.  

KOB had been using SharePoint On-Premises as a collaboration platform and Nintex for forms and workflows. Theobald Software‘s ERPConnect Services, which integrated SharePoint On-Premises with SAP, was used to ensure data consistency between the two platforms. As part of a modernization effort, KOB is migrating from SharePoint On-Premises to Office 365.
Sebastian Ufer, IT Manager at KOB, told us:
“By the end of the year we will be replacing the SharePoint server and move all the applications we have in SharePoint to the Microsoft cloud. The Nintex products will also be replaced. We will be using Microsoft’s Power Apps and Power Automate instead.”
As part of this migration, they were also tasked with finding a solution for the integration between Microsoft Cloud and SAP.

Solution with yunIO

Fortunately for KOB, Theobald Software had already developed yunIO – a connector specifically designed for cloud environments such as Microsoft.
Jürgen Weber, responsible software developer at KOB, said: “In the past, we not only used ERPConnect Services, but also Xtract QV to integrate SAP data into QlikView. Both solutions provided an excellent and reliable service.”
After careful consideration and evaluation, the KOB team made the strategic decision to implement yunIO. Mainly because yunIO was a promising solution that could help the team with their specific needs and challenges. Furthermore, the customer support played a significant role in the decision-making process.

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Per Manfred Lauer, from the Information Services Department at KOB:
“We need fast and direct support, which we experienced, large software vendors are unable to provide. At Theobald Software, we knew from previous experience that we can rely on a very experienced, easily accessible support team that is also open to our ideas.”
This openness was proven when KOB offered an idea for optimizing the field selection during yunIO service configuration. Theobald Software’s development team implemented the idea, making the access of fields from SAP tables even easier.
Sebastian Ufer added, “When we implemented yunIO, our IT security department raised concerns during a review process. In a very specific cluster of servers running the yunIO web service, it was possible to obtain unauthorized access rights. We reported this to Theobald Software on Thursday, and they patched it by Monday.”

It took KOB only two days to install yunIO, connect to the Microsoft Cloud, and add yunIO to Power Apps. When we asked Weber how things were going, he told us excitedly:
“It just works!”

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