The business value of GSX Solutions for organizations with Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint has taken the world by storm-it’s the defining
collaboration and information management product on the market
today. Numerous risks and issues that undermine the effective use
of SharePoint for collaboration, however, have matched its rapid
ascendency. These include poor integration into the enterprise
information management approach, a lack of usage by business users,
and team site sprawl, among others effect organizations with Microsoft SharePoint.

A new wave of collaboration software, with Microsoft SharePoint
leading the charge, is being used to create better ways for people
to work together in the organizations. The vision is to replace
ineffective forms of communication and collaboration with more
effective approaches-for example, the transition from email
messages with attachments to team sites with document libraries, or
the replacement of a static printed manual with a community wiki
and discussion area. As these transitions begin to take hold across
our organizations, and groups adopt the new ways of working
together, SharePoint increasingly becomes a mission critical

This elevation of SharePoint to a mission critical platform
implies a willingness to treat it as such. Specifically, that the
availability and performance metrics from SharePoint are sufficient
to the requirements of your business users-they are, after all,
relying on SharePoint to get their work done and move the
organization ahead. GSX Solutions offers availability and
performance monitoring software for SharePoint that improves
service quality, reduces operational costs, and enhances systemic

GSX Solutions’ flagship product, GSX Monitor and Analyzer, gives
customers insight into what’s happening inside their SharePoint
environment. Using the data created in GSX Monitor and Analyzer
allows organizations to improve the performance of SharePoint and
deliver business value. This includes

–     Increasing control through a visual
dashboard of the current status of all the SharePoint servers and
services in your environment. Underperforming servers are clearly
flagged for immediate attention.

–     Reducing cost by targeting specific areas
for corrective action, and by highlighting problems that need
attention before they stop business people from working.

–     Ensuring performance of the SharePoint SLA,
through correlating input factors with the overall SLA. Troublesome
areas are highlighted for quick resolution.

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