3 Reasons to Get Started with Microlearning

3 reasons to get started with microlearning

Today’s working environment is changing continuously. Employees are confronted with new, constantly evolving technologies. And in order to keep up with all the novelties, the traditional training methods are no longer sufficient.

Microlearning offers an answer to this question. How? By presenting short learning modules which you can consult anytime, anywhere and on any device. Nhu Truong, Business Development Manager of the online knowledge platform OASE, lists the three biggest advantages of microlearning.

Anytime, anywhere

There’s no denying it: the world is becoming more and more mobile. Microlearning cleverly responds to this. You can consult its learning modules anywhere and exactly when you need them. That is also OASE’s approach. The knowledge platform offers an immediate answer to your Office (365) questions.


Microlearning is automatically tailored to your needs. You choose what you want to learn or not. Ideally, microlearning is adaptive. That means you get new input based on what you have already learned. That way you are able to learn exactly what you need. OASE also responds to this. You will quickly find the information you need and thanks to its learning courses, among others, you will quickly find related answers.


If you do a cost-benefit analysis, you will see that microlearning is the best option in the constantly changing work environment. We are increasingly confronted with evolving technologies. In order to be able to cope with that flow of change, microlearning is the best solution. Classical training is becoming too expensive in time and price and e-learning is expensive and practically irrelevant when it comes online. Have you recently implemented new Microsoft software? Then your employees will have a great deal of help from OASE to support their newly acquired knowledge. Ready for microlearning? Request your OASE demo via oase@xylos.com

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