3 SharePoint Intranet trends to look forward to in 2018

Discover the top three Intranet trends for 2018 in this blog post.

If we consider a world without laptops, mobile phones or tablets, I’m sure it’ll be a difficult situation to survive. As technologies are evolving, there’s a better pace of working and meeting the goals are much easier than usual. What makes the biggest difference in the present scenario of a company’s workplace is that, employees are more inclined towards a virtual workplace, wherein they can collaborate and work using business intelligence tools – considering this as one of the biggest factors in the world of digital intelligence, companies are considering SharePoint Intranet as one of the biggest digital workplace tool, ensuring all the employees (both inhouse and remote) are productively synced.

As per company researches, an intranet is defined in several ways – some of them define its usability considering it as an application and others consider it as an employee platform for sharing knowledge. Although, most organizations have considered Intranets as their Digital Workplace Platform, so far, they’ve focused more on its technical aspects instead of making it a trend among the employees. In the recent years, organizations have made Intranet a part of social and internal communications and have been using some customizations. So here are some of the Intranet trends that we’ll get to see in 2018:


Employee Adaption is the goal

Earlier, Intranets used to fail as those were technically advanced and not something that the users or the employees would adapt. Organizations are designing several strategies to implement an intranet. Features like social media or knowledge sharing opportunities are some of the out-of-box facilities that companies have started introducing. This ensures that employees are habitual to its usage. As per Business 2 Community, offering educational benefits in an Intranet also enables capturing the attention of the employees. Who doesn’t like being educated? You do, right? So, does your employees. Companies, these days have started such strategies to ensure that the platform is a word-of-mouth among the employees.


Content Management would be crucial

When we are talking about Content Management in general, we are ideally talking about knowledge management and Information Management. It not only includes the general way of keeping the documents in place, but having a system of managing both Enterprise Content and web content. Finding the right kind of content at right point in time makes employees productive and ensures that they are up-to-date. These days, Intranets have attributes of detecting which are the most used documents or the updated ones. This ensures that any new joinee, irrespective of where they are, can have hands over company documents in just a click.


Collaboration” is the primary motive

One of the most important aspects which leads to a better management of an organization is that of a collaborative workspace, where in all the employees are working together towards the same direction. So, to keep all the employees in sync, companies need to design their workplace strategies accordingly.

In addition to this, employees are also scattered and are working both remotely and in-house these days. Companies using Intranet to manage such kind of employees are using collaborative strategies to optimize their digital workplace. In the upcoming year, SharePoint Intranets will be more social and department oriented which will make sure that all the employees are well segregated and are in sync with each other.


Usually, companies commit mistakes such as copying other intranet designs, allowing technology to overrule designs and many more that affect the effectiveness of an Intranet while building it. Companies, now have realized that employees need a sense of bonding and finding the right information whenever required. Therefore, the upcoming year will give us a new way of thinking about Intranet styles.

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