5 Reasons to Bring your Team to ESPC

Are you looking for a way to break free from the confines of your workspace and immerse yourself in a community of like-minded tech enthusiasts? Look no further than the European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference (ESPC). Whether you are a tech company, a tech professional, or simply a passionate tech aficionado that works with or has a deep interest in Microsoft technologies, then ESPC is the event that deserves a top spot on your calendar.

Hybrid working and working from home brings new challenges for team collaboration, innovation and culture. It is vital for your team’s success to spend quality, focused time together. Being together allows for easier brainstorming, sharing insight, receiving tips, team building and more. Time together in person can help you work better together and succeed faster in your projects.

Not only that, in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, organisations rely heavily on collaborative platforms and cloud-based solutions to drive productivity and streamline their operations. Microsoft 365, and Azure have become integral tools for businesses worldwide. To stay ahead of the curve and maximise the potential of these technologies, it is essential for your team to continually update their knowledge and skills. That’s where the European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference steps in.

So listen up – because we are about to give you the 5 ultimate reasons why you should bring your team to ESPC in Amsterdam this November!

Here Are 5 Reasons to Bring Your Team to ESPC23!

Team members at ESPC22

1. Deep Learning and Education

ESPC provides a platform for your team to enhance their knowledge and skills in Microsoft 365, and Azure. Across 4-days and 120+ sessions, from tutorials, to keynotes, breakout sessions and more, your team will have the opportunity to learn from world-leading experts across Microsoft 365, AI & Azure, ChatGPT, Power Apps, Power Automate, Purview, Viva, Syntex, Security, Microsoft Teams, and much more. They will gain deep insights into the latest trends and best practices that they can apply quickly to their work and projects for faster, sustainable success, and learn about new features and functionalities. This knowledge can directly impact your team’s productivity and efficiency in working with these technologies. Be sure to check out our conference schedule and take a look at the amazing learning opportunities ESPC23 has to offer.

2. Networking Opportunities

At ESPC your team has the opportunity to join over 2000+ IT Pros, Developers and Business Decision Makers from across Europe and the world. Give them the chance to meet industry-leading solution providers and discover the latest cutting edge solutions in the EXPO. ESPC attracts a diverse range of professionals, including developers, administrators, architects, and business users, from various industries and organisations. It offers an excellent opportunity for your team to network with peers, exchange ideas, and establish valuable connections. Connect with industry experts and your professional peers across a host of event and social activities, from networking breaks, to Ask to Experts and the famous Conference Party.

3. Inspiration and Motivation

In the era of hybrid working, it’s time re-ignite your team’s passion, energy, and inspiration together with a trip to ESPC. At ESPC, your team can experience 4 inspirational keynote sessions presented by influential speakers such as Jeff Teper, Karuana Gatimu, Rafal Lukawiecki, and Scott Hanselman who will share their real-world experiences and insights. These keynotes can inspire and motivate your team, encouraging them to think creatively, embrace new ideas, and drive innovation within your organisation.

Bring your team to ESPC to become inspired and motivated
Karuana Gatimu Keynote Session at ESPC22

4. Team Building

Bringing your team to ESPC fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie. It provides an opportunity for team members to bond outside of the usual work environment, strengthen relationships, and build a cohesive and collaborative team culture. The shared experience of attending sessions, engaging in discussions, and exploring the conference together can create lasting memories and improve team dynamics. Being together allows for easier brainstorming, sharing insight, receiving tips, team building and more. Time together in person can help you work better together and succeed faster in your projects.

Bring your team to ESPC as a team building and learning experience

5. Stay Ahead of the Curve

Technology is constantly evolving, and it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve. By attending ESPC, your team can gain invaluable insights into upcoming features, industry trends, and future roadmaps for tools and products relating to Microsoft 365, and Azure. This knowledge can help your organisation plan and adapt its strategies accordingly, ensuring you remain competitive in the market.

Bring your team to ESPC

Let us put it all together for you…

Overall, ESPC offers a unique opportunity for your team to expand their knowledge, network with industry peers, discover new tools and solutions, and foster professional growth. It can ultimately benefit your team and organisation by improving productivity, encouraging innovation, and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in these technologies.

Go further together by growing your knowledge and your network. Hear from industry experts, community MVPs and the people behind the products as they deliver world-class expertise. Share advice with like-minded attendees on how they approach similar projects to yours and discuss the opportunities as a team. Outside of all the learning enjoy networking breaks, Expo Hall, Expo drinks, demos, community area, prize giveaways and more.

In the era of hybrid working, it’s time re-ignite your team’s passions, energy and inspiration together with a trip to ESPC at a super saving rate!

We hope to see you and your team in Amsterdam this November 27-30 😊


Groups of 3-4 can enjoy 15% off on top of Early Bird Pricing, Groups of 5+ can enjoy an unmissable 20% off, and Groups of 10+ can enjoy a whopping 25% off! And what’s even better? It’s all on top of Early Bird pricing 🤩


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