Break the ice in Microsoft Teams meetings with Games for Work

Microsoft just made a surprise release for Microsoft Teams, a set of classic Games that you can use to challenge your co-workers during meetings to help to break the ice.

The Games for Work for Microsoft Teams is a new application available for the Enterprise and Education plans that includes classics like Solitaire and Minesweeper and also the Microsoft IceBreakers and Wordament.

The games can be played simultaneously up to 250 players and were developed by the Microsoft Casual Games, an Xbox Games Studio.

How to use the Games for Work for Microsoft Teams

If the Games for Work are enabled by your company Teams administrator your will be able to add them to a meeting by doing the following:

  1. As a meeting organizer click in the Apps button while in a meeting
  2. Search for Games for Teams and add it to the meeting
    Microsoft Teams Games for Work
  3. Select what are the games that should be available to be played during the meeting and click on Save
    Microsoft Teams Games for Work
  4. Add the game to the meeting and start playing
    Microsoft Teams Games for Work

Other games for Microsoft Teams

Despite the surprising announcement these are not the first games for Microsoft Teams, during the pandemic I’ve ported the classic Snake game to Teams and it can be added to channels and played asynchronously with your teammates! Curious? Have a look here!

Snake for Microsoft Teams

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About the Author

I’ve been working with Microsoft Technologies over the last ten years, mainly focused on creating collaboration and productivity solutions that drive the adoption of Microsoft Modern Workplace.


Ferreria, J., 2023, Break the ice in Microsoft Teams meetings with Games for Work, Available at: [Accessed 13 March 2023]

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