Why a Digital Workplace is more than just an Intranet?

The word “Digital Workplace” has set a trend in a way organizations handle internal communications. Historically, intranets have only been deployed to enable employees to collaborate and work towards achieving an organization’s goals

An Intranet is built to drive success via the so-called 3 Cs,viz. communication, collaboration and content management

Communication: In today’s age, employees are spread across geographies and time zones. This poses a communication challenge, the solution for which forms the core of the intranet. An Intranet allows users to connect anytime from anywhere, thereby eliminating communication silos.

Collaboration: 97 percent of the employees agreed that Collaboration directly impacts the outcome of a task or project. Intranets have made work hand-offs and delegation much simpler, and have dramatically improved production.

Content Management: Intranets often act as repositories for content, generated and shared across the organization. The content management capabilities of intranets help greatly in the overall sharing of knowledge in the organization.

Despite intranets having many benefits, their adoption is usually quite low, leading to teams questioning the success of their project. The biggest reason often cited is that the intranets are not engaging enough or the inbuilt search is a pain to use.

This is the problem the digital workplace is designed to address. For instance, did you know that engaged communication can transform the productivity metrics, exponentially?

An engaging digital workplace refers, not just, to the visual appeal of a well-designed intranet, but also the way information is structured and content is brought front and center. Easy discovery of crucial information coupled with a well-designed intranet can improve adoption rates by up to 50%.

Why a Digital Workplace is more than just an Intranet?

Why a Digital Workplace is more than just an Intranet?


Some important components of a successful Digital Workplace are listed below:

Design: The User Experience is critical to the success of a digital workplace and inculcates into the employee the habit of visiting the communications page on a daily basis.  The modern solutions therefore, are more inclined towards its designs to give a better user experience and in turn improve the overall employee experience.

Recognize and Engage: Modern digital transformation solutions have come up with employee centric functional components such as employee recognition and employee birthdays, which celebrate the achievements of employees or gives the opportunity to employees to wish their colleagues on their birthdays. This results in greatly boosting the morale of the workforce.  Additionally, the social widgets on the Intranet allow employees to be socially engaged with company through the latest news or the events that are taking place in the organization.

Opine with Intranet: To genuinely offer an engagement platform for your employees you need to make them realize that you value them. With components like Quick Polls and Feedback, modern organizations  provide a great platform for employees to voice their opinions on various subjects that directly or indirectly impact them. This is a great tool to empower employees .

Digital Workplaces have become common in most of the industries these days. Making it a successful one calls for something that engages employees to the highest level. Although companies have been using Intranet for its Digital Workplace, there are still amendments that are continuously made to ensure Intranets become synonymous to Digital Workplaces.

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