eBooks & Blogs from European SharePoint Training Week

As part of European SharePoint Training Week, we have a  range of superb eBooks and insightful blogs by some of the leading experts in the SharePoint industry. Contributors include; Edin Kapic, Asif Rehmani, André Vala, Thorbjørn Værp, Geoff Evelyn, Bill Ayers, Eric Riz, Christian Buckley, Paolo Pialorsi, Mikael Svenson, Liam Cleary and Oliver Wirkus. All European SharePoint Training Week webinars were recorded and will be available to view next week.

E Book Title:  Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Developer Reference – Chapter 17 Developing Workflows

Author: Paolo Pialorsi, PiaSys, Italy

 In this chapter:   you will discover the architecture of the new workflow  Engine of SharePoint 2013 and you will understand how to create custom  workflows. Download Now>>

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Title:  Beginning SharePoint 2013: Building Business Solutions Chapter 1 Understanding SharePoint

Authors: Amanda Perran, Shane Perran, Jennifer Mason & Laura Rogers

In this chapter: you will learn the differences between SharePoint product  versions, common usage scenarios for SharePoint and  an overview of  important concepts and features. Download Now>>

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Title:  Professional SharePoint 2013 Administration Chapter 1  What’s New in SharePoint 2013

Authors: Shane Young, Steve Caravajal& Todd Klindt

In this chapter: you will learn the installation process, changes to service  applications and introduction to Apps. Download Now>>

Geoff Evelyn

Blog Title: How Much Knowledge Do You Have To Support SharePoint?

Author: Geoff Evelyn, MVP, SIT, UK

Oliver Wirkus

Blog Title: How to Create a Custom Document-ID provider with SharePoint 2013

Author: Oliver Wirkus, BridgingIT GmbH, Germany

Blog Title: Some Thoughts on SharePoint Change Management   Eric Riz

Author: Eric Riz, MVP, Concatenate, Inc., Canada

Paolo Pialorsi Resized

Blog Title:: How to Create a Workflow Custom Action for SharePoint Designer 2013 Using Visual Studio 2013

Author: Paolo Pialorsi, PiaSys, Italy

Chris Mc NultyBlog Title: What’s Next in Yammer/SharePoint integration – November 2013  Updates

Author: Chris McNulty, MVP, Dell Software, USA

Modern approvals in Office 365 with Power Automate and Microsoft Teams
Blog Title: A Developer’s Perspective on SharePoint AppsBill Ayers

Author: Bill Ayers, MCM, Flow Simulation Ltd., UK

Edin Kapic High Res

Blog Title: Knowing How Is Not Enough

Author: Edin Kapic, MVP, Spenta Consulting, Spain

Sergio And Ruben

Blog Title: What’s New on Office 365 BI?

Author: Sergio Carrillo Vila & Rubén Pertusa López, SolidQ, Spain

Mikael Svenson

Blog Title: Scaling Search in SharePoint 2013

Author: Mikael Svenson, MVP, Puzzlepart, Norway

Thorbjørn Værp

Blog Title: Skyrocketing Document Templates 

Author: Thorbjørn Værp, Atea as, Norway

Asif RehmaniVideo Title:  Visualize Your Excel Data in SharePoint 2013 Using Power View

Author: Asif Rehmani, MVP, USA


Liam CLearyBlog Title: Questions & Answers on SharePoint Authentication and Authorization

Author: Liam Cleary, MVP, Protiviti, USA

Author: André Vala, create|it, Portugal

Christian Buckley2

Blog Title: Developing Your Governance Strategy for Social 

Author: Christian Buckley, MVP, Metalogix, USA

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