‘Governance Rules’ Webinar Series

This month we are continuing with our exclusive ‘Governance
Rule’ webinar series delivered by Christian Buckley, SharePoint
MVP, internationally recognised SharePoint author and speaker.
Following on from “Governance Should Begin with Your Migration
we are delighted to release the second in our six part series,
exclusive to our community members “Why Permissions Drive Governance


Webinar Series

Christian Buckley


Christian Buckley, will be providing an overview of what is
possible ‘out of the box’ with SharePoint 2010 permissions, and
where there are gaps you need to be aware of. He’ll be sharing some
of his best practices for planning out and actively managing
permissions, spanning reviews, audits and reporting. Plus, he’ll be
sharing insights on what you should be including in your governance
strategy and plan moving forward. Watch Now >>

Keep an eye out each month for our newsletter which will include
a new webinar from this series.

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