Microsoft and LinkedIn Learning Join Forces in Advancing AI Skills

AI Enhancing Workforce, Not Replacing It

Microsoft and LinkedIn Learning is the perfect partnership for professional growth! AI is continuing to revolutionize various industries, with an expected annual growth rate of 37.3% between 2023 and 2030, as reported by Grand View Research. This rapid growth emphasizes the increasing impact of AI technologies in the coming year (Haan, K., 2023).

At the end of June, Microsoft corporation has addressed the growing demand for AI skills in the workforce through their new AI Skills Initiative between Microsoft and LinkedIn Learning. It is available for free. Define AI and cover the AI eco-system with the help of this course. Currently, the course is only available in English, the business language of the world. However, plans will be in place to make it accessible via other languages soon.

What’s does the AI Skills Initiative Entail?

The course is called Career Essentials in Generative AI by Microsoft and LinkedIn with five videos which will last up to four hours.

As for the videos, they surround topics such as the basics of artificial intelligence, an exploration of generative AI, the evolution of thoughtful online search using generative AI, leveraging Microsoft Bing Chat to streamline work and ethical considerations in the age of generative AI.

Give your LinkedIn Profile a Competitive Advantage

Additionally, you must complete the videos and pass an exam to get a certificate in generative AI issued by Microsoft. What is more, this certificate will be displayed on your LinkedIn profile. Share it within your professional network!

To further support AI learning, Microsoft’s AI Skills Initiative also provides additional resources. These include a trainer toolkit with AI content designed for educators and a free AI skills challenge on Microsoft Learn, which will teach essential AI skills using Microsoft technology.

Why the Need for the AI Skills Initiative?

Truth be told, Microsoft were nimble and recognized the ‘demand and supply’ in terms of AI skills, demand outweighing supply in this case. They are aiming to build on the success of their Skills for Jobs programme, which has helped users in find careers in high-demand industries. The AI Skills Initiative is the next step in this effort.

That said, A significant 64% of businesses believe that artificial intelligence will help increase their overall productivity, as revealed in a Forbes Advisor survey. This demonstrates the growing confidence in AI’s potential to transform business operations (Haan, K, 2023).

Charting the Path

Overall, Microsoft’s AI Skills Initiative will reflect their commitment to the community. How? By providing accessible AI training and fostering innovation through partnerships in AI.

Access the free course here.


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