New Yammer web parts for SharePoint Online

Integrate Yammer with SharePoint Online using new modern web parts.

Improve communication in your organization using new Yammer capabilities across the SharePoint platform.

Modern SharePoint site architecture allows you to extend and integrate with other Office 365 apps, like Yammer. Based on available modern web parts you can quite easily bring Yammer experience into SharePoint.

New Yammer web parts for SharePoint Online

Additional possibilities offered by Yammer could help you to build a modern communication platform on top of SharePoint.

Yammer vs. SharePoint

There is a lot of discussions about using SharePoint versus Yammer for communication with business users. Thankfully you do not have to choose one app to do that. You can Yammer to build dynamic communities focusing on discussions and direct communication between users and at the same time build communication focused intranet portals which are more static

What is the most important you can bring Yammer experience into SharePoint and extend its functionality for more social, discussion bases functionalities

Thanks to the integration between Yammer and SharePoint you can plan and execute much better communication.

Yammer Vs SharePoint

How to use Yammer with SharePoint Online

You have two dedicated modern web parts that allow you to bring Yammer functionality to the SharePoint page. You easily share communities’ experiences directly to the SharePoint Online site.

To add Yammer Web Parts into SharePoint page just edited the page and choose + button.

New Yammer web parts for SharePoint Online
All A to Z

You can choose from Conversations and Highlights.

Yammer Conversations web part for SharePoint

Conversation webpart for SharePoint offers possibility to bring Yammer experience to SharePoint page.

When you will add it it will ask you to set it up.

New Yammer web parts for SharePoint Online

Editon of the web part gives you option to configure a few working models.

  • Community – you can select one group and display it. This scenario works very well for the dedicated groups included into ShrePoint page.
  • User – will display feed of information connected with the selected user. A great option to display CEO communication on main site.
  • Topic – based on this option you can follow hashtag across Yammer to summarize it in the web part
  • Home feed – shows the whole stream of information from main site of Yammer
New Yammer web parts for SharePoint Online

You are also allowed to change number Yammer conversations that should be displayed.

New Yammer web parts for SharePoint Online
New Yammer web parts for SharePoint Online

Final setup of the Yammer Conversation web part bring Yammer experience directly to SharePoint.

New Yammer web parts for SharePoint Online

Yammer Highlights web part for modern SharePoint

Highlights webpart for SharePoint also brings conversations from Yammer, but the way how they are displayed is a little different. This web part focus do highlighting chosen posts from Yammer Community.

Look and feel of this component is not yet great, so I assume it will be updated or replaced by the Conversations webpart.

When you will add it the SharePoint page you will be asked to choose the group/community.

In the configuration of the Highlights web part you can:

  • Select the Yammer group / community
  • Choose the mode of presenting the conversations:
    • Top ones
    • Latest
    • Selected one

Based on the setup it will display highlights from Yammer.

I would recommend focusing on the Conversation web part.

Bring Yammer experience to your SharePoint

Yammer is a communication focus app in Office 365 and can extend your SharePoint capabilities to communities based on social features. Extend possibilities of your SharePoint site using Yammer Conversation web part.

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Bochniak, S. (2020). New Yammer web parts for SharePoint Online. Available at: [Accessed: 27th November 2020].

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