SharePoint Shootout: Workflow on SharePoint – at the European SharePoint Conference

It sometimes can be hard for customers to understand the value
of products that are added to SharePoint. Many times it is very
difficult for customers to compare tools that appear similar but
are yet different. The SharePoint “Shoot Out” at the 2011 European
SharePoint Conference in Berlin aims to have four top Microsoft
partners in each of two categories (Workflow and Administration)
shoot it out in public to help customers see the unique value and
the differences. Customers will also be able to interact and meet
the “top guns” from these companies. These two moderated sessions
promise to be very informative and lots of fun.

Participating Companies include… DataPolis, K2,

SharePoint Shootout: “Workflow on

Introduction to the Shoot Out (Moderator)

Presentation of the participants by the participants

  • Task 1 – Create and publish a workflow for
    travel request


  • Task 2  – Onboarding a new employee
    (Create AD account, grant SharePoint Access, create MySite, assign
    an office, print an ID Card, order a car from an external


  • Task 3 – Describe the License Model

ESPC call for speakers 2024
-Price, description and limitations of the cheapest entry

-Price for a medium farm configuration, with 3 SharePoint
servers and 500 users

  • Task 4 – Competitive Analysis

-What is unique about your solution?

-How do you compare to your competitors?

  • Questions from the audience – facilitated by
    the moderator
  • Shoot Out Summary from the moderator

Come to the European
SharePoint Conference.


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