SharePoint Workspace 2010 | 500 – 1800 – 7500 – 10000 by Hans Brender

Those, who want to take SharePoint documents offline, may be
faced with problems under certain circumstances. Je nach Anzahl der
Dokumente, die in unterschiedlichen SharePoint
in den Dokumenten Bibliotheken liegen und mit
SharePoint Workspace 2010 synchronisiert werden
sollen, wird es behäbig bis langsam Depending on the number of
documents that are in different SharePoint servers
in the document libraries and are synchronize with
SharePoint Workspace 2010 it is
ponderous and slow.

What’s with the numbers 500, 1800, 7500 and

Office 2010
Service Pack 1 installed?
Number Impact
NO 500 After about 500 documents in a library, you get
a warning


NO 1800 You may sync up to 1800 documents in all areas
of SharePoint, if you have more, you will receive a warning message
and it will only synchronize the document metadata, but not the
document itself. It will be synchronize only, if you click on the
document (name), but therefore you need to be online.


YES 7500 If you have more than 7500 documents to
synchronize, you will get a warning in the backstage area


YES 10000 More than 10000 documents to synchronize,
another warning in the backstage area (red) of SharePoint Workspace
2010 appear. However, you may continue to work, albeit with
degraded performance.



Notice, these numbers count all documents in all ‘SharePoint
workspaces’ of SharePoint Workspace 2010.

If we want to mess around not complained of the many SharePoint
Workspace 2010 users offline content circumstance, no automatic
synchronization of the document’s contents from 1800 documents, you
need the Service Pack 1 installed for Office 2010.

SharePoint Workspace

There are several possibilities, if you have more than 10000

  1. Deleting SharePoint workspaces
  2. Disconnection of a library
  3. Discard a local copy

You may have a look on my Blog:,
but careful, the blog is in German language.

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