Three Tips for Long-Term Support through your Office (365) Migration

Implementing Office or Office 365 is an important process. What’s at least equally important is making sure your employees and customers use the technology you’re offering and become – and stay – as proficient as needed. But how do you go about this? Nhu Truong, Business Development Manager at the online knowledge platform about Office and Office 365 OASE, gives you three useful tips.


Did you know that employees are quicker to embrace change if their colleagues do the same? We don’t just mean team members; leaders also play a crucial role to make your change process a success. That’s why you should give them an active role. At OASE, we make sure a group of employees is ready to inspire your colleagues to get started with OASE with nudges such as a fun video testimonial to publish on the Intranet.


Always keep communicating. Repeat your messages during the change process – four, five, or even more times if necessary. OASE offers a standard communication toolkit you can use before, during and after your Office 365 implementation. Have you considered sending out a fun teaser mailing to announce your migration, for example?  Mailings are still one of the most powerful tools to spread your message because they’re personal, direct and efficient. You can also put up banners during the project to systematically encourage employees to use OASE.

Self service

Make it easy for your employees to learn during your Office 365 implementation. Avoid forced class courses that don’t give employees any satisfaction because they’re not tuned to their needs, don’t answer their questions, don’t fit their work schedule or just don’t pique their curiosity. Instead, you could go for microlearning, which lets employees choose when and where they look up information. This is OASE’s perspective as well: the knowledge platform with over 1,000 instructional videos acts as a ‘self service’ hub that offers an answer to all your questions about Office and Office 365. You ask, OASE provides.

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