Tips for Entering the European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Community Awards

The ESPC AWARDS represent and recognise the best projects, people and teams in Europe and are an affirmation of the hard work, innovation and dedication of those in the SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure community.  


Planning your submissions? Here’s a few tips to help you out: 

  1.  Make a note of the deadline (7th September for ESPC18 Awards submissions) and leave good time to prepare your entries. We know an awful lot can be achieved in a short space of time, but better to prepare and coordinate the different elements of entering. Besides, you might want to enter more than one category!
  2. Appoint an internal awards champion to drive the process and ultimately be responsible for coordinating key stakeholders and gathering information.
  3. Regularly flag when a project might be award worthy – keep a record of important information that might come in handy for a submission.
  4. Tell the story: Take us on the journey to completing your project, how did you get there? Where did the idea came from, the process to develop it, and how it came to be the successful solution it is today.
  5. Win the attention of the reader immediately. If emotion and passion come through, you have increased chance of being differentiated.
  6. Provide as much detail as possible, including examples. Show evidence; statistics and testimonials; tangible evidence is key (this could be results to show progression or third-party endorsements).
  7. Be clear, precise and direct. It is critical to avoid being repetitive with the content. Test your story with peers – can you provide a strong elevator pitch & get the main points across succinctly?
  8. It is important to mention your challenges as well as your achievements but be sure to highlight your successes.
  9. Make sure it’s ‘newsworthy’ – would it be exciting enough to be put in a newspaper? Be creative & innovative – make sure your entry stands out.
  10. Think about judges who have to review hundreds of entries in few days: use key words to attract attention and help the judges to understand what the entry is all about. 

We know award submissions can sometimes seem a little daunting, but they don’t need to be! We are happy to talk you through the process and offer some advice, feel free to get in touch: maureenb (@) 


ENTER NOW and share the story of your successes, recognise the efforts of you & your team, and perhaps most importantly, help the community learn from your experience. 

Submissions are open until Friday 7th September at 12 Midnight CEST 

The Finalists will be announced in the lead up to ESPC18, while the winners in each category will be crowned best in Europe live on the keynote main stage at ESPC18 in Copenhagen, November 26-29. 


Good Luck! 

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