HOT SEAT with Vesa Juvonen – SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

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HOT SEAT with Vesa Juvonen - SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

HOT SEAT with Vesa Juvonen – SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

In this rapid fire Q&A Hot Seat, Vesa Juvonen, Principal Product Manager, Microsoft, answers questions on SPFx pre-install, dependencies, and the technical stack. The discussion covers the advantages and disadvantages of tightly coupling SPFX with SharePoint online.
Vesa is a principal product manager at Microsoft, located in Finland. He answers your burning questions related to SPFx at point preinstall and dependencies. He also discusses the limitations of SPFx being tightly coupled with SharePoint online.

Areas of SharePoint Framework Covered:

  • Potential scenarios to enable low dependent extensibility within Microsoft 365.
  • Mid-range backlog to enable scenarios where you can build a low dependent extensibility within Microsoft 365.
  • Updates on the future of adding models within SharePoint Framework.
  • The complexity of decision-making and the need for a quick fix on the implementation and baseline classes.
  • SharePoint Premium and how it is technically just the modernization of Microsoft Syntex.
  • Issues with SPFx solution installation and the inability to locally serve the same SPFx solution in that site.
  • SharePoint Premium and its relation to the SharePoint Framework.
  • Graph SDK to speed up development and make it easier to engage with external users in SharePoint.
  • SharePoint premium preposterous services and the repository services.
  • Extranet solution and its branding and investment perspectives.
  • Limitations of the out-of-the-box Web Part.
  • The challenges of making everything publicly accessible through either graph or the SharePoint APIs.
  • The importance of having APIs for developers to avoid using internal APIs.
  • The complexity of optimizing SharePoint site with web parts.

Watch the recording now to find out the answers to some of the hottest Microsoft 365 questions today!

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