Master Data Management with SAP and MS Power Platform

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Master Data Management with SAP and MS Power Platform

Master data management involves building and maintaining one single ‘master record’ for every individual, every thing, and every place in an organization. Organizations are enabled to gain a trusted view of key business data which they can manage and share across the organization. They can then use this data for better decision-making, improved reporting, improved process efficiency, and to reduce data errors. Besides helping organization’s make better-informed decisions and answer key questions, master data management also has a variety of other benefits.

In this webinar session, Khoder Elzein (Theobald Software) discusses:

  1. An overview of Theobald software and its solution portfolio.
  2. Process Integration, specifically YunIO – what it is and why you should use it.
  3. The product architecture of YunIO.
  4. How YunIO integrates with SAP (S/4HANA and ERP)
  5. A live demo of SAP Master Data Management
  6. Your next steps

Watch this full webinar recording where Khoder takes you through a demo on the integration of Theobald Software’s process integration tool, YunIO, with SAP (S/4HANA and ERP).

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