Tips, Tricks and Gamechangers for Citizen Developers in Power Automate and Canvas Power Apps

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Isn’t it frustrating when you’ve been working with a product for a long time and you find out that there are features and behaviours that you never even knew existed?  They don’t get talked about because they aren’t at all new, but knowing about them can make your life in the Power Platform a WHOLE lot easier.

This session is an attempt to pick out some key learnings within Power Automate and also Canvas Power Apps to help you be that little bit more effective in your day-to-day. We’ll talk about how understanding JSON can really up your game in both products as well as how every Canvas Power App you ever made uses Gestalt Principles and we’ll throw in a whole lot more along the way.

There will be plenty of opportunities for you to tell me about your game-changers too, so have a little think about that in the meantime.

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