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Power Platform Hot Topics

Power Platform Hot Topics!

Power Platform Hot Topics is a series of x3 mini webinars based on popular Power Platform topics right now. Each webinar is approximately 15 minutes long and each speaker answered some burning questions in the Q&A at the end!

Tomasz Poszytek, MVP

First up was Tomasz Poszytek, MVP, who presented the topic ‘Power Platform ALM Latest Innovations: Pipelines!’. Pipelines is the preview feature that you can add to your environment. It requires you to have a pipelines host environment in order to use the feature. In Tomasz’s mini webinar, he takes you through a demo that:

  • Shows you how to create such an environment in order to use the pipelines feature.
  • Displays how to grant access to any user who will use the pipelines in the future for deployment.
  • Guides you through the steps to deploy the application.
  • Demonstrates how to add every environment you will use in your pipeline.
  • And much more!

Marcel Lehmann

Following Tomasz’s demo was Marcel Lehmann who presented the topic ‘Become a Microsoft Power Automate Pro with the Power of Expressions’. Marcel begins by introducing a scenario in Power Automate. The scenario involves an input and a solution. In Marcel’s case, the input is getting an email with a HTML formatted information table, task ID in the subject, and attachments. Marcel then proposes a solution whereby you take all the information from the HTML table and the task ID from the concern. As well as this, Marcel also demonstrates how to save all attachments with the current date attached at the end rather than at the beginning.

In Marcel’s demo, he goes through:

  • How to edit your workflow in Power Automate when the email (input) comes through.
  • The parameters of the JSON.
  • How to use expressions in JSON parsing.
  • And much more!

Michel Mendes

Lastly, our final webinar speaker, Michel Mendes, MVP, presents the topic ‘Getting Started with Cards for Power Apps’. Michel discusses quick topics such as:

  • The origins of cards for power apps.
  • Advantages and teams integrations.
  • Differences with a standard canvas app.
  • Variable concepts.
  • Dataverse integration.
  • And lastly, what to expect in the upcoming releases of cards.

Watch this full webinar recording where Tomasz, Marcel, and Michel take you through different demos on Power Platform tools.

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