What can your Team do with Microsoft Loop


Since March, Microsoft Loop is available to download and sync across your favourite Microsoft 365 apps such as Outlook and Teams. Spend more time innovating and less time searching for key documents. Give your project the head start it deserves.

Shift your Teams Work Ethic

Microsoft Loop is the ultimate collaboration tool. Take a look at what each part can offer you and your team.

1. Enhanced Communication with Microsoft Loop Components

You can cast votes on priority decisions via a virtual voting table. Drive quality and eliminate poor findings through a ranking process to avoid costly and timely project mistakes.

Next, take advantage of its status tracker. A table that you and your team can add to at the same time, in real time. Keep track of each other’s project progress to ensure deadlines are met.

2. Adaptable Project Management with Microsoft Loop Workspaces

What is more, highlight the priority sections of your projects for your team to stay in the know and have meaningful updates sessions.

3. Streamlined Collaboration with Pages

As well as that, enjoy a shared space to discuss and comment back and forth and gain credible feedback. Praise your team members work by giving them an emoji reaction – trust it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Microsoft Loop is the All-In-One Collaboration Platform

Gathering your teams’ opinions in an interactive way, in real time, in multiple places, we’re finding it hard to point out what this recent collaboration tool cannot achieve, but it seems limitless! It’s true, Microsoft Loop is the all-in-one collaboration platform to gain that internal advantage and succeed externally.

Now is the time to start making you and your teams working lives less time-consuming and more productive. Integration tools are only on the rise, and we should rise with them to reach our full organizational potential at work.

Where can I Install Microsoft Loop?

It is free of charge and is ready to download for iOS and Android in the app store. Bare in mind, the app is in the early development stages. The best is yet to come!

However, this is only a snippet of what Microsoft Loop offers – Learn more about how leverage the most out of the Loop in part 2 of this blog series – coming soon.

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