What is Power Pages?

Power Pages is a website building and hosting platform that sits on top of Microsoft Power Platform and offers pre-built templates and tools to govern and administer your live sites. As the newest addition to the Power Platform range of tools, Power Pages empowers you to build low-code, scalable, and secure business-centric websites whether you’re a no-code, low-code, or code-first developer. It joined the Microsoft Power Platform family as a standalone product in May 2022 and has gained momentum across several industries.

Microsoft Power Pages
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What can Power Pages do for your Business?

  • Design engaging websites seamlessly with new low-code capabilities: Users can create modern business websites for desktop or mobile without needing to know how to code, thanks to the Design Studio. New updates allow for low-code and no-code solutions, making it even easier to build multi-step forms that can include document uploads. You can also add custom CSS in the Styling Workspace to make your website look just the way you want it to.
  • Style your website: Power Pages enables you to make your website stand out by customising its theme to match your company’s brand.
  • Extend your pages with advanced pro-developer tools: Take your web design skills to the next level with Power Pages’ pro-developer capabilities. These advanced features let you fine-tune and extend your web pages as much as you need.
  • Gain enhanced security and governance: Power Pages has strong security and governance features, with the addition of turnkey integration with Microsoft Azure Web Application Firewall, as well as Content Delivery Network (CDN) support through Azure Front Door.
  • Share and gather business data: Easily manage and share your business data by creating data forms and views on your web pages. This allows you to easily gather and organise information to help your business run smoothly.
  • Build pages that work on all devices: Create your webpage on a common structure that will automatically display on all devices, whether desktop or mobile.

In summary, Power Pages is a powerful and comprehensive website building and hosting platform that empowers businesses of all types and sizes to create engaging websites. Overall, Power Pages is a valuable tool for businesses looking to create professional, functional, and secure websites that work seamlessly on all devices.

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