Testing Testing… 123 : Testing Canvas Apps using Power Apps Test Studio

Many people spend time focusing on automating their build and deployment assuming that this will improve the quality of the output. While it definitely reduces the time needed to build or deploy solutions and certainly reduces human errors which can cause defects. Automating the build and release is only part of the story.

We must also test.

Testing allows us to validate and confirm the requirements provided by customers.

  • Do we understand the requirements enough to build it?
  • Have we built what has been asked for in the requirements or acceptance criteria?
  • Has any changes impacted the quality of the previous build?

Naturally throughout the lifetime of a software product, the solution being built will or should have passed through several test iterations.

One of the things I’ve always been jealous of being firmly a CRM developer is the task recorder that Finance and Operations consultants had in their toolkit.

The task recorder will allow me to actually run through the steps I want within finance and operations and document the steps to allow me to replay and get the documented steps imported as test cases within Azure DevOps.

I’m not as jealous anymore because we now have something almost as good for testing canvas apps. How many of us have canvas apps within our solutions or projects? How do you currently test them?

One of the features currently in preview is the Test Studio which allows us to run through the steps similarly to the Finance and Operations task recorder so that the steps can be documented and available for replay. I think this is very exciting! So exciting in fact that I did a video demonstration of this feature and how it can be integrated with Azure DevOps.

Test Studio – Create and Execute Test Case


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