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Rafal Lukawiecki

Rafal Lukawiecki

The first is an inspirational and thought provoking keynote by Rafal Lukawiecki who was voted top speaker at the ESP Conference. His keynote “BI in the Cloud: Opportunities, Paths and the Future” is a rapid-paced, high-level, broad, strategic look at the multitude of opportunities that the cloud offers to those interested in Business Intelligence. Rafal’s extensive, hands-on IT experience spanning eras, towards the newest cloud frontiers, will inspire you to think of creative ways in which you could steer your own career towards that future potential. Definitely not to be missed!

joel Oleson

Joel Oleson

Our second keynote video features renowned SharePoint speaker Joel Oleson on “Planning &   Developing Enterprise 2.0 Social Media Strategy with SharePoint 2010”. In this keynote session Joel  looks at real world customer deployment and  strategies including integration with social media vendors including Chatter, Yammer and NewsGator. Joel looks at how traditional portals are forced to change  forever or become stale

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