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ESPC Conference Amsterdam November 2023
Achive More with Microsoft 365 & Azure
What's in store for business decision makers (BDM's) at ESPC23

🚀 Prepare to Soar BDMs!

ESPC offers Business Decision Makers a wide variety of Keynotes, Tutorials and Sessions catering to different levels and topics. You will find dedicated sessions on Case Studies, UX, Microsoft Viva, Security, Best Practices, CoE, AI era and so much more.

Attend ESPC to deep dive into key Microsoft 365 and Azure topics that will help accelerate your skillset and projects.

Keynotes - Live & In Person at ESPC

Karuana Gatimu

Karuana is a business architect and productivity expert currently working in the Microsoft Teams product group. With a 25-year history in collaboration technology and corporate IT, she is experienced in Microsoft 365 services with a focus on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Power Platform. She combines her technical expertise with a passion for community management and a #PeopleFirst approach to business transformation.

Jeff Teper

Known as the “Founder of SharePoint,” Jeff came to Microsoft because of the company’s approach to solving challenges and empowering people through software. A developer at heart, today Jeff leads Microsoft’s collaboration platform including Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive, which serve more than 1 billion people around the globe.


As Data Scientist at Project Botticelli Ltd, Rafal focuses on making advanced analytics and artificial intelligence easy and useful for his clients. He has been a popular speaker at major IT conferences since 1998, and he had the honour of sharing keynote platforms with Bill Gates and Neil Armstrong. A natural educator, he explains complex concepts in simple terms in his enjoyably energetic style.


Dona believes that you are one experiment away from being your most powerful self at work. And yes, in life!

Currently at her day job, she’s running 100 experiments as the Chief Troublemaker of the Microsoft AI and Copilot Extensibility Program. Her goal is that people all over the world can use Microsoft’s AI and Copilot programs to reason over their OWN data and truly make AI useful for their business.

Dona’s also a keynote speaker (fave audience is corporate leaders like YOU), a multi-published author (it turns out fiction writing is useful in software!),  the owner of the ethical luxury fashion brand called Prima Dona Studios and she has recently become a wine bar co-owner and is studying to be a sommelier.

A few years ago, she was named one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Productive People and Cosmopolitan magazine's Businessperson of the Year for her multi-faceted (aka weird) life.  And yes, she is always ready to get on a plane and come see YOU.

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BDM Tutorial

In this full day workshop, Susan Hanley and Mark Rackley will guide you through the process of architecting and implementing an effective Corporate Communications strategy using Microsoft 365 including:

– Envisioning a Corp Comms strategy that effectively meets your needs
– Determining the best site architecture to take advantage of user interests
– Creating / Publishing / Boosting News Posts
– Learning about notification options
– Understanding how Viva Connections can take your Corp Comms to the next level of employee experience and engagement
– Understanding how Viva Engage creates an effective mechanism for both informing and engaging your employees

BDM Sessions

Program Launch
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