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Are you a Business Decision Maker looking to enhance your skills to make better decisions for you and your company? 

Then look no further than ESPC22! With Business Decision Maker orientated tutorials and sessions, you will leave ESPC22 full of top-class expertise that you can bring back to the office.

Topics include: Metaverse, Microsoft 365, SharePoint Syntex, Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways, Employee Wellbeing, Collaboration, Entrepreneurship and much more. 

Keynotes - Live & In Person at ESPC22

Karuana Gatimu

A Microsoft Teams @ ESPC22 Keynote will be delivered by Karuana Gatimu who is a business architect and productivity expert currently working in the Microsoft Teams product group. With a 25-year history in collaboration technology and corporate IT, she is experienced in Microsoft 365 services with a focus on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Power Platform. She combines her technical expertise with a passion for community management and a #PeopleFirst approach to business transformation.

Jeff Teper

A Microsoft Teams @ ESPC22 Keynote will be delivered by Jeff Teper. Known as the “Founder of SharePoint,” Jeff came to Microsoft because of the company’s approach to solving challenges and empowering people through software. A developer at heart, today Jeff leads Microsoft’s collaboration platform including Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive, which serve more than 1 billion people around the globe.

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Business Decision Makers Tutorials

The pandemic opened our eyes, and now we are voting with our feet. People around the world are embracing (and demanding) the flexibility of hybrid work. Sometimes in the office, sometimes at home, and sometimes whilst we move our families to new locations, or travel the world. In this full day tutorial we will dive deep into how you can make hybrid work sustainable for your team (and selfishly for yourself). 

In this workshop, you will learn tips and best practices to improve “findability” and information organization and the basic concepts of information architecture. You will learn how about Viva Connections and how it should influence your IA planning. We will cover the critical aspects of intranet IA: navigation/site architecture, page design architecture, metadata architecture, and search experiences.

Business Decision Makers Sessions

28 NOVEMBER - 01 DECEMBER | 2022
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